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    Where the line between science fact and science fiction are slightly blurred.

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    Einstein’s Legacy, Women in Space, The Dark Universe…and more.

Science + Technology

Can DNA Be Used to Model the Human Face?

“Currently we can’t go from DNA to a face or from a face to DNA, but it should be possible.”

NASA’s Experiments with Twin Astronauts

The twin study will help us understand the long-term effects of space on the human body.

Ann Druyan on Carl, Love, and the Voyager Golden Record

Ann Druyan recalls that fateful summer when she and Carl Sagan fell in love, and of their collaboration on the Voyager Golden Record.

Science Fiction as Science Fact

Why is some science fiction so good at predicting actual science?

Ants in Space

By studying how the ants adjust their behavior to cope with near-zero gravity conditions, scientists could improve the algorithms autonomous robots follow to search disaster scenes for survivors.

How ‘Spock’s Brain’ Inspired Ion Propulsion

This Star Trek episode inspired a NASA engineer. Fascinating.